Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Empties #5- Skincare Products

Its been a while since I wrote an empties post. I have been trying many skincare products all through that time and non have I loved, hence, not consumed!

After a long search, these are what I have come up with. Loved, consumed and will definitely repurchase:
Anthony: Instant fix oil control for combined to oily skin. This is a base before applying my makeup and paraben free. It is a sample I got while purchasing makeup from Sephora, and I believe I will buying the full size real soon.

Nivea: Invisible black and while deodorant. This is a good deodorant, if only the removed the invisible part. My while shirts are all yellow underneath the area of my armpits (yuck!). Hence I had to repurchase new shirts. However, my black shirts are not stained. Other than than, Nivea has always been my favorite deodorant and skincare products.

Victoria's Secret: Beauty Rush Daily moisturizing body lotion. Amazing candy-like scent with a slight hint of sourness.

Clean & Clear: Shine control daily facial scrub that hasn't damaged nor caused any dryness or breakout to my skin. A pocket friendly dupe for my all time favorite Neutrogena deep clean.

Laura Mercier: another sample I have received from Sephora, a facial scrub. I found it slightly harsh on my skin, hence this is a once a week product. Since it is harsh, I find it very useful for our terrible Cairo weather. We, Egyptian women, know by now how our weather is harmful for our skin. Also, will be buying full size product.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The perfect winter bag

Winter is just around the corner here in Egypt-crazy weather we have over here, huh! While I was writing down my winter shopping list, bags to be specific, I found that most of my bags were either black, black or black! I barely had a handbag that was any other color than black- practical, sue me!

Now, I made a pact with myself, I will never buy another black bag (well, at least until next summer!). Now, I didn't have to look around much coz I eyed a few bags in town. While I was at the launch of Zaam f/w event , I eyed a mustard bag that I couldn't keep my eyes off all night. Lucky me, Zaam gave me, and a few other bloggers, our favorite bags that night! (yaaaay!!!), and that is what I am featuring in this post. I hope you like it as much as I do <3

Sweater: Kenzo
Pants: Zara
Trench Coat: ONLY
Heels: Zara
Bag: Zaam
Earrings: Pierre Cardin
Shades: Dolce & Gabanna

Photographed by: Kareem Othman

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Massimo Dutti's Relaunch event| Where elegancy speaks for itself

As winter is knocking on or at least should be doing that because it’s December already! All winter lovers will start thinking of what to wear, because for them it’s the classy part of the year were you can put on some fine cloth and shine in one of the nicest spots in Cairo.

In the few lines below I will give you some strides for a fashionable winter, because I have been invited to the re-launch of one of the finest and adorable Spanish brands that I personally like not only for the brand name, reputation and price yet for its high quality material and vast array of collection colors. Coming all the way from Spain, Massimo Dutti had its re-launching for the fall/ winter 2014 collection. The event took place in the city stars branch, Tuesday 9th December, 2014. As we’re always used to since the launching of the women line 1992, the collection was extremely elegant, chic yet fashionable.

So let me firstly congratulate Massimo Dutti for their replenishment of City Stars' branch, as now they have extra extension that can take you through more viable and attractive display making you more comfortable roaming around between their new Winter Collection.

Now let me take you through some of their catchy Men's collection pieces and on top of the list is their perfectly fitting slim shirt that gives you the feeling that they made it specially tailored for you, with a vast color and material. They have also different designs from Plain slim fit shirt, printed, poplin shirt and of course my favorite are Slim-fit elbow patches shirt so next time you pass by make sure to try it on because simply if you did not try you will never know!

As for the winter biker look, Massimo offers different color collection of their Leather jackets especially the catchy brownish as its considered as one of the must haves for your wardrobe basics for winter collection that can also be decorated with one of their amazing color collection of scurf and if you will be asking for my recommendation I will definitely go the blue white dotted
Last but not least I would recommend having one of the newest collections of leather handbags as they are really trendy and comfy giving you a nice business look and on top of that they are useful in different situations so make sure to pass by them in your next visit.
Now, in the Women collection, it includes fashionable leather coats in different colors (navy, black and camel), very cozy and comfortable pullovers. Also, elegant dresses with different cuts and fabrics that suit different occasions. But what really drew my attention was the elegant warm colors used in this collection, like Burgundy, Camel, Navy, emerald green and Brick Red. I have never liked this color until I have seen this gorgeous piece of chiffon embroidered cardigan. It was matched on a top and with a chic black chiffon jumpsuit, but either way it looked fabulous!

 And if you are interested in the faux leather pants but never seem to find a comfy pair yet, Massimo Dutti is your place. They sell a comfortable cotton pants with an outer faux leather look, found in black, navy and beautiful burgundy.

Aside from this wide collection, accessories can’t just be neglected. Limited collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. But they compensated it with a wide collection of thin belts which were styled on their elegant coats. They also have limited boots collection, but what is really appealing is the python leather clutch and high heels, they are just amazingly elegant and irresistible. And don’t forget to add an elegant leather gloves to your outfit, indeed you will find your perfect pair there. 

I am sure that we still have a lot of stuff to talk about yet I recommend that you stop your cyber experience and go checking yourself as I am a man who always believe in “ Seeing is believing “

Wish you a nice visit and if you will be spending money make sure to spend it wisely and always keep in mind that nice cloth on can change your mood ;). This collection makes shopping even more fun and amusing, but what’s even better, is that it will help us overcome the cold weather with such an elegant feminine look.  Massimo Dutti, Thank you for making elegance so easy.
The Vanity team with Traccs team
Me with Sahar Fouad

This article has been written by both our interns Pakinam Farouk and Mohamed Elbably.
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