Sunday, March 1, 2015

Maybelline BB Cream

Now, since its been a while now the BB cream is lavishing in the market, I have reached these resolutions: Either my skin is not a BB cream prospect, or there is not a BB cream for all skin types and due to the hype, everyone is just convincing themselves that it actually works!

Having that said, it is clear that I lost hope in BB creams. I am not loving, nor going to try any more BB products until someone credible admits otherwise. However, with all this negativity and lost hope, I came across this BB cream by Maybelline at Faces. I have been testing and trying for about two months now, and believe me this is the longest it took me to make up my mind about a product. I cannot say I have changed my mind and i still have mixed feelings about this one, but let me tell you this- if you only need a product that will barely even out your skintone, this one is for you.

This product is easy to apply, I used my fingers once, a sponge another, and another time buffing brush and powder brush; and all worked the same. With it has a medium consistency: not too liquid yet not creamy at all. It has a very low coverage that it barely evened out my skintone.

After two hours wearing this, it didn't oil or grease out my T-zone, which is one up side to this product besides its afforability. Add up to the downsides, the low variety of shades range (3 shades only)

Recommend this product: No, not really. Unless you really have perfect and dry complexion, then you won't need any product at all

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

D-store's Trunk Show

To honour some of the biggest brands in international fashion, Dstore hosted a successful trunk
show exclusively for Cairo’s top influencers, socialites and media

On the 15th Of February 2015, dstore welcomed hundreds of VIP guests to its tailored
trunk show styled by the talented Maissa and Sahar Azab from GLAM Fashion & Styling Agency.
With an impeccable hair and makeup styling by Kriss Beauty Salons, the trunk show event
displayed the latest in global fashion trends.
To kick start the evening, ushers warmly greeted guests on an exclusive red carpet and
welcoming them into the elegantly structured dstore multi brand concept store. Renowned DJ
Khaled Hussein performed a series of upbeat tunes engaging the crowd and keeping them
entertained throughout the event; while amuse bouche catered exclusively by Crave were
passed around .

To warm up for the anticipated show, renowned violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, performed a
unique contemporary symphony on his avant-garde violin, while dancing away on the runway.

The 9:30pm Fashion Show opened with stylist Maissa and Sahar Azab displaying their
extraordinary penchant for combining more than one brand , transforming the concept of
shopping at dstore . World renowned fashion brands such as Burberry, Ferragamo, Just Cavalli,
Phillip Plein and Tod's were showcased on the built in catwalk, with an incredible variety of both
female and male outfits for the audience to use as reference.

And now, allow me to show you my favorite looks from their trunk show:

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