Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation review

I'm not one of the girls who are very fond of foundation. As you may all know by now, I'm more of a spontaneous grab and go kind of girl. However, we do not choose to have perfect skin. We all have our flaws and imperfections, hence creating the need of a coverage, whether high or low. Hence, foundations.

Due to day to day stress and life loads, sleepless nights dark circles and to top it off, yellow, lifeless and dull complexion..I have it all! I need to wear foundations for special occasions to cover my imperfections as well as a base for my makeup. I have tried several , not to many (yes, I am guilty!) but enough to judge what is good for me. from the drugstore ones, Bourjois is amongst my few favs.

This foundation has 3 correcting pigments:
*Yellow: Conceals dark circles
*Mauve: Corrects dullness
*Green: neutralizes redness

Since I have a normal-combined skin, I chose the 123 Perfect foundation. It has a medium consistency in a liqiud form, easily blended into my skin that it almost looked like a second skin, or let's say, my own skin! At first, the consistency seemed thick a bit, but once you blend it into your skin, you won't feel you are wearing anything at all. All you need is half a pump to apply all over your face. It dries off as power, and has a matte finish, which is perfect for my oily T-zone! Didn't cake, didn't dry off my skin and has a medium to heavy coverage. I used my Real Techniques Expert face brush to blend it in, but it would also be better do use a beauty blender sponge.

It is worth noting that I do have severe dark circles issue, so with even this on, I had to apply minimal concealer to cancel out the darkness and bright my under eye area. The shade I picked in 53, light beige. I am an NC20-25 with yellow undertones, so I believe this one is a perfect match to my skin.

If I needed to put my Chanel perfection Lumiere foundation on hold to save, I would use this Bourjois 123 perfect as a Dupe.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Your guide for skin care routine

Its spring already and that means an alarm for each and every one of us to prepare her ultimate summer look! Definitely all females out there (ME first!) are making an effort to lose the extra weight we gained trying to keep ourselves warm during the cold weather, or at least that what I convince myself J

But that shouldn't make you forget your skincare. Because summer means more intervals of sun exposure and our skin is very delicate to take in all those harmful rays.
And since our lives are busy and fast this guide should help you know the essential routines you should follow.

Daily Routine
Or should I called the “irreplaceable" routine? It’s easy and effortless but without them your skin will be dull and unhealthy looking.
-          Facial Cleanser: since washing your face with water only is not enough to clean your skin layer, you need to buy a cleanser that removes all your dirt, makeup debris and will give you a smooth, refreshing and glowing look.

-          Toner: Choose a product with skin repairing ingredients and apply it after the cleanser. It hydrates your skin and gives you a young healthy look.

-          Moisturizer: choose a product that fits your skin type and

-          Sun-screen: Never forget applying it before going out that door!! Sunlight causes the skin layers to get thicker causing several problems such as; uneven skin tone, dullness of skin, wrinkles and aging symptoms. So use a product with SPF more than 25 and containing antioxidants.

Weekly Routine
Exfoliate: it is enough to do this process once a week, but that doesn’t make it less important. Use a scrubbing product which I prefer to be a natural product. It removes dead cells and reveal new healthy skin layers, which improves uneven skin tone, removes black head, help build up your collagen “responsible for firm skin” so less wrinkles. So it will guarantee you a young revived look!

Monthly Routine
Mask application: it is very important to choose the correct mask for your skin type to treat your skin if needed especially if you have an oily skin or Dry skin.
Also, specific treatment masks according to your need, such as; skin lightening mask, Anti- wrinkles mask and acne treating mask.

The steps are simple and easy to follow, so don’t be carless to your own beauty because you earned a perfect skin! Enjoy the weather…..Flawless!

This article has been written by Pakinam Farouk
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

What is your skin type?

Every day we look at the mirror, trying to have a satisfying image of ourselves. But with the perfect makeup & hair you will need perfect skin to have your “picture perfect” !!

And your first step for a smooth healthy skin, is to know your skin type. In order to choose the right products and have the maximum benefit out of it.

Options aren't too many so it is going to be easy to recognize your skin type

1. Normal Skin

The skin is not too dry or too oily. Mostly, skin pores are invisible. Most young people have this type of skin, which doesn’t need much effort for its care routine.

2. Dry Skin

Not very soft and scaly in areas. It looks dehydrated, so better water in-take is needed and also better nutrition will help you have a healthier skin. A moisturizer is highly recommended.

3. Oily Skin

It is easy to notice if your skin is of that type. Visible pores with shiny glowing skin that is almost wet. Mostly, accompanied by pimples or black heads. This skin type needs a good care routine, so don’t be careless or it will get worse. Use a mask for treating any accompanied symptoms such as black head, acne or pimples and use cleanser twice a day.

4. Combination Skin

A combination skin type can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Many people have combination skin and they are mistakenly consider themselves “oily skinned”

5. Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is the hardest to deal with. It gets burned easily and have reactions to certain cosmetics, and have irritated skin after a dramatic change in weather.
If that is your skin type, you have to thoroughly test products before risking a purchase that will cause you marks hard to treat. Always use a moisturizer, cleanser, and Mask treatment all suitable for sensitive skin.

As soon as you find out your skin type, start taking good care of it accordingly. Make your next look to the mirror worth it ladies!

This article has been written by Pakinam Farouk
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